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All in One Skilling Guide (WIP) - BabyMudkip - 10-14-2020

Road to max! (Ctrl + f to search for the skill for quicker finding if you want!)

I will be updating as i progress through the skills, and i will post my findings on what methods i did! Feel free to follow my journey, or find a skilling method for you!

Road To Max!

(This does link to my google docs spreadsheet for the skills I'm doing / have done)

If you'd rather not go to the link and just want to look on here, I will update as go along the best i can!

Remember to get brawlers for the skills that brawlers are available for! Will definitely help a bit!

Summoning:  I went through every summoning familiar (at least the items that you can buy from the summoning store) and found what ones give the most xp

Runecrafting: I found that just doing air runes until 42 Runecrafting, then just doing the Green Energy sources to 72, then Yellow Energy until 99 was the easiest and most afk method. unsure of the speed, but it was pretty quick! Reminder: bring some food as the energy will hurt you

Agility: Do gnome agility course until 35, then switch over to barbarian until 55. You can either keep doing barbarian or switch to wildy course. Currently the agility outfit does not boost xp, so either save tickets or use then for more xp, dont forget agility brawlers!

Herblore: I recommend using the crystal keys to get a ton of unf potions, then using those to make potions. The i made potions is was:
guam (unf) with eye of newt (level 1)
harralander (unf) with goat horn dust (level 36)
ranarr (unf) with snapegrass (level 38)
Kwuarm (unf) with dragon scale dust - (level 60)
cadantine (unf) with white berries (level 66)
dwarf weed (unf) with wine of zammy (level 72)
Torstol (unf) with jangerberries (level 78)
(Note, unf and ingredients do stack in your inventory, and if you make more than what you can hold, they will be dropped and noted)

Crafting: I did leather gloves/boots to level 27, then switched to gems. dragonstones are the easiest way to go for crafting

Fletching: Start by making arrow shafts to level 5, then switch to normal shortbows (i did one inventory), then switch to oak longbows, and continue up the tiers, longbows give the most xp
You can also string the bows too for extra xp if you have used crystal keys and gotten some bowstring

Hunter: start with baby implings, then switch to regular chins, then red chins to 99. They respawn pretty quick and give good xp

Mining: Copper/tin to 15, iron until 30, Coal to 40, Then i personally did gold to 80, as its still good xp and mines faster than mithril and adamant. At 80 you can do crashed stars. Crashed stars give a lot of xp and last quite a while, so i recommend doing these when possible. I got 99 from the stars, you can find the stars location in the Quest Tab - Being that i got 99 mining from here, i opted to get the infernal adze with the stardust. (Update - Adze does not work properly, so maybe just save the stardust)

Smithing: I did an inventory of bronze items. Switch to steel knives when you have the level. Mithril nails after that. Adamant dagger at 70, adamant bolts at 73, adamant sword at 74, At 79 rune daggers, at 86 you can either rune axe or mace, at 88 you can switch to rune bolts for the fact that they stack. At 89, i switched to rune swords. You can either do rune bolts or swords since this is the last item, bolts are more convenient since they stack, but the swords give a bit more xp. So that is up to you, i went with bolts.

Fishing: Small nets to 20 or so, fly fish to 40, lobsters to 62, then grab a large fishing net and towards the east theres a net spot for monkfish. Do these until 99, or 90 if you are a donator. For donator, go to dzone and fish rocktails 90-99. Dont bother banking the fish, no need to save them.

Cooking: buy raw fish and cook through the different ones. Theres no fast method or anything, i did rocktails 93-99, though you burn a lot, you do get a lot more xp, so i think its a fair trade off.

Woodcutting: Trees to 15, oak to 30, willow to 45, maple to 60, yew to 75, magic to 80, evil tree to 99 (save the kindling)

Firemaking: Normal logs to 15, oak to 30, willow to 45, maple to 60, yew to 75, magic to 80, evil tree kindling or magics to 99.