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Well Of Experience - kels - 11-20-2021

Nightmare317 Well of Experience Guide

As of 16th November 2021, there is a Community filled well called "Well Of Experience"
This guide will hopefully help you to navigate the well's interfaces to contribute resources on a server-wide scale as well as help yourself on the side if you wish.


The well is very easily accessible to everyone it is a few steps south of the home teleport as shown below.

[Image: Well-Location.png]

Right-Click Options and the Epitaph

The well has only one other option behind the right-click menu and that is to "Read-Epitaph" as shown below.

[Image: well-right-click-options.png]

The Epitaph allows for anyone to see how much gp has been donated to the global well and which players specifically have donated how much acting as a hi-scores or leader board for players.

[Image: Well-Epitaph.png]   [Image: Well-Epitaph-2.png]

Navigating and Activating the Well

In this section of the guide, I will be showing and explaining all of the interfaces and options of the well in the order shown below.

[Image: Well-Interface.png]

"View All Active Well Effects"

This interface is pretty self explanatory, clicking this option will display all of the currently active global well effects and the amount of total gp required to activate them. At the top of the screen, it will also display how many people currently have their personal well filled and the global bonus xp as a result of that in addition to the current status of your personal well's filled level. (more on that later)

[Image: Well-benefits-1.png] [Image: Well-benefits-2.png] [Image: Well-benefits-3.png]

The benefits shown above activate after a certain threshold of gp has been donated to the global well, donating to activate the maximum amount (500000B) will active all prior to it also. A quick tip is that 1000b (1 Thousand) is equal to 1t and 10000000b (1 million) is equal to 1q.

"Access Your Personal Storage"

This is the place where you store all of the resources that are used to contribute to both wells and where the items will be drawn from when activating and contributing to either well.

The resources that can be deposited are as follows: Coins / Nightmare Shards / Power Shards / Nightmare Chests / Crystal Keys as shown below.

[Image: Well-Personal-Storage_LI.jpg]

The only problem that could arise from depositing or withdrawing resources would be the coin amounts as you cannot simply abbreviate the amount such as b/t/q etc. The image above is coded in the following manner:

Green is Millions (6-8 0s) | Blue is Billions (9-11 0s) | White is Trillions (12-14 0s) | Red is Quadrillions (15-17 0s)
When clicking any of the options above, you have the option to deposit assuming you have the items in your inventory or Money Pouch or withdraw to your inventory.

There is a "Tariff" on items stored within the personal storage of the well that exceed a certain threshold.

"About Well of Experience"

This is the option that will explain what the well does as well as provide some useful information regarding the cost of using the personal well as detailed below:

[Image: Well-Personal-Costs.png][Image: Well-Personal-Costs-2.png]

"Control Personal Well (Lvl 150+)"

Now onto actually activating the well using the resources in your personal storage. As detailed previously and under the "About Well of Experience" section, there are 2 different uses of resources, one of which is the "Personal Well". As the name suggests, this well is personal to you only and provides you with xp boosts in relation to which selections are active. Below is the interface shown when clicking the "Control Personal Well" option.

[Image: Well-Personal-Interface-1.png]

"View All Paid Tariffs" is like a record of how much you have personally paid for storing items in the personal storage. As stated in the "Personal Storage" section of this guide, once items exceed a threshold, the tariff is paid on them every hour you are logged in. Below is what that looks like:

[Image: Well-Tax-Screen_1.png]

"Activate / De-activate Personal Well Benefits" is the location where you can apply or remove personal benefits using whichever currency you would like, the options display as shown below:

[Image: Well-Personal-Benefits-Active-or-Deactive.png]

The rates for the personal storage are detailed in the "About Well of Experience" section of this guide.

"Control Global Well (Lvl 1+)"

This is the second option for allocating your stored resources, the following options are available to you when selecting the control global well option:

[Image: Well-Global-Well-Interface.png]

Selecting "Contribute To Hourly Rate" then displays the following:

[Image: Well-Global-Well-Interface-2.png]

At Present 20/11/2021 Donating with coins is the only current way to add to the Global Well.

Use the information above in the "Access your Personal Storage" regarding cash amounts and the digit amounts for donating coins. I mentioned in the opening of this guide about the "Epitaph" and how it acted as a hi-scores leader board kind of and because of that and the arbitrary competitiveness of the server, it is very unlikely that the well will be realistically empty for any period of time.

Thanks for reading this guide, as this is a new addition to the server, all of this information is relatively new and is of course subject to change, if you find any discrepancies with it, please feel free to pm me in game or dm me on discord.

Have Fun and Good Luck Big Grin